Meet the Board of Management

2015/16 Board members

  • Chairperson– Nola Honeysett
  • Vice Chair – Jane Diffey
  • Secretary – Melinda McGrath
  • Treasurer – Sue Tink
  • Human Resource Officer – Ashley Albury

General Committee Members

  • Carol Korn
  • Michael Minney
  • Katie Shanks
  • Diana Scullard

If you are interested in joining the Board of Management please contact us on 6882 0599.

Board meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7.00pm and are held at the OECI Centre 74 Baird Drive, Dubbo.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)  is held in March each year.


Corporate Governance

OECI is governed by an annually elected Board off Management drawn from its members. It attempts to bring together a broad based representation of the community. The role of the Board of a not-for-profit incorporated organization is to focus on the strategic direction of the organization and to work within a governance framework.

Board of Management has a focus on:

  • Core legal requirements.
  • External reporting requirements.
  • Stated objectives in the Strategic and / or Business Plan.
  • Financial objectives.
  • Client objectives and satisfaction.

Board of Management carries out its governance role by ensuring the following processes:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board and Manager clearly defined.
  • Outcomes identified.
  • Policies developed and implemented.
  • Delegations in place.
  • Performance monitoring systems.
  • Accountability mechanisms implemented.

Management Structure

The Board delegates the day to day management of the organization to the Manager who reports and is responsible to the Board.

The Manager has a team of professionals and skilled staff who undertake the day –to-day operation of the service.