Orana Early Childhood Intervention

OECI Suite of Services

We offer an integrated and co-ordinated service and promote a trans-disciplinary and multidisciplinary team approach. This evidenced based approach means that the team of therapists and educators work together in partnership with the family.

By implementing a team approach we ensure that the family is offered a co-ordinated program, utilising the skills and experience of our qualified team.

Key Worker

Each family is allocated a Key Worker who will work closely with the family and assist the family to plan and access services at OECI or in the wider community. Each child will have an Individual Plan (IP) developed.

Individual Plan (IP)

Each child will have an Individual Plan (IP) developed in consultation with family and staff.

Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

All families will be given the opportunity to participate in an annual service plan meeting with other stakeholders involved in service delivery to discuss progress and make plans for the coming year.

Play Based Learning

The educators and therapist use play in a meaningful way to assist children to learn. Play based learning underpins all our programs.

Children need opportunities to experience, explore, and receive feedback from their natural environment and from others within these environments. It is important to follow the child’s initiative and incorporate their interests into the service delivery to make learning more meaningful.

Home Visiting

Staff will visit families in their own home to support intervention strategies.

Consultation and Inclusion

Many of the children are also enrolled in mainstream early childhood education and care services i.e. Pre-School and Schools. Staff from OECI work in collaboration with the staff to up skill them and support the implementation of strategies and provision of resources to assist the full inclusion of the children into the early childhood education and care services as well as School settings.


Our Physiotherapist provides gross motor activities in the heated pool at Fitness Focus to eligible children. This is a fun time for the children with a focus on core strength with lots of physical activity and singing evident.

Transition to School

These groups run usually for a term with the focus on preparing the child for school entry. The focus of these groups is developing fine motor skills, completing tasks, listening and following directions and understanding concepts.

The staff can assist with transition into the school sectors within the Department of Education, Catholic Education and Independent School systems.

Autism Specific Programs

From time to time specific Autism groups will be provided to support children and their families with a diagnosis of Autism or for those who display ASD like symptoms.

  • Hanen

We have a Speech Pathologist accredited to deliver the It takes two to talk, More than words and Talkability programs to parents.

  • We are an approved panel  provider for the Federal Governments Helping Children with Autism and Better Start Initiatives and have services available under these initiatives.

Other Group Sessions

We offer other small group sessions as required. These may include but are not limited to our bush babies group and fine motor / speech groups.

The bush babies group is for families with young children who meet on a weekly basis for language stimulation, motor exploration and socialisation. Several staff members will be involved in the group.

SOS and Feeding Assessments

A trans-disciplinary program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties delivered by our Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist.

DIR Floor Time

The evidenced based, therapeutically guided model of interaction with individual children in their play and learning is available for eligible children.

Music Appreciation

A music teacher presents music appreciation sessions for some of the children.


OECI delivers programs to other towns within the local community such as at Nanima Pre-School located in Nanima Village via Wellington and Buninyong Pre-School in Dubbo.


Assessments across all development areas will be provided as appropriate for school transition and funding requirements.

Equipment and Resource Library

We have an extensive library of books and equipment which are available be borrowed to support families.

Parent Support and Education

From time to time the staff facilitate specific parent information and education sessions to empower the parents in particular areas. Sessions include but are not limited to toileting, use of visuals, fine motor development.