Roles of the Team

Each member of our staff is a specialist in their chosen profession. The following is a brief summary of what they do.

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists assist children with language and communication difficulties, feeding concerns and the use of specialized (augmentative) devices to assist language acquisition.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists assist children with developing functional skills to complete everyday activities. These activities may include dressing, equipment acquisition, eating and toileting.


The Physiotherapist assists children to achieve gross motor milestones including those of rolling, sitting independently, walking and running.

Behaviour Support Therapist

Designs, delivers, monitors and evaluates behaviour support services to children and young people with an identified need, their families and their community.

Early Childhood Educator

The Early Childhood Educators assist children to improve their cognitive, concentration, socialization and play skills.

Administration Assistant

The Administration Assistant completes all the financial requirements in consultation with the Board of Management Treasurer.


The Manager Is responsible for the day to day running of the centre incorporating the staff and programs offered.