Orana Early Childhood Intervention


My Husband and I were recommended to Orana Early Childhood Intervention by our Paediatrician very shortly after our first son was born.

Lachlan was born with Down Syndrome and having no prior knowledge of what we were about to face, or the quality of our son’s future we needed all the help we could get.

I made one simple phone call to a very caring and compassionate team.  We were offered help from all angles, not only the therapy and education Lochie needed, but also wonderful inclusion of our whole family. I cannot praise the staff and management enough for the amazing time and effort they put in, to help our son on his journey to a “normal Life”.

That was eleven years ago, and after spending the most important first years of his life with the best educators and therapists, Lochie has reached many wonderful milestones and has completed his entire primary schooling in a mainstream school with his friends and wonderful support staff.

Always grateful

Terese and Darren Connolly


In 2010 we were referred to Orana Early Childhood Intervention as it become evident that our then nearly 2 year old daughter had some developmental delay in both her gross and fine motor skills. For any parent the realization that there may be something wrong with their child is a devastating blow however the support offered from the team at OECI gave us hope and courage to deal with our situation. When we received a diagnosis for our daughter in 2011 the team was apart from the family the first people we saw and they shared in our tears of devastation, it was so comforting to know that they cared so much for us and for our family.

OECI have been instrumental in providing not only therapy for our daughter but in also providing information in relation to funding and how best to access it. They have also provided equipment as well as again information and services on equipment choices for her. Their family inclusive environment has also meant that accessing therapy has been made so much easier as we now have 2 other daughters, who I might add think that OECI is for them as well. They have also empowered us with the knowledge on how best to provide therapy for our daughter at home.

Our family will always be eternally grateful to OECI for the support, guidance and knowledge that they have given and empowered us with and for the strong friendships formed with a team that are so caring and understanding.

Jane Diffey


I am a mum and a foster mum. We have been with Orana Early childhood Intervention continuously for the last seven years. I cannot thank the wonderful staff for all their help, friendliness, advice and continuous support over this time. Every adult and child are treated as individuals but it is the “VERY’ family focused, (dad’s included) that we value. As a family and as carers we feel blessed to have access to this wonderful team of hard working, caring and very committed team.

Thank you all at Orana Early Childhood Intervention xxx.



Isaac is our fourth child and life with children was pretty much plain sailing for us. All of this changed when Isaac was born, things just didn’t seem right. Information was coming at us from every direction and even after a month in the neo-natal intensive care ward at Children’s Hospital Westmead, we still had no answers.

Prior to being discharged from Westmead one of the nurses said, “when you get home, contact your local Early Intervention Service.”

Naturally, we had heard of Early Intervention, but had no real understanding of what it was, what they did, how to access them etc.

Of all the “advice” we have ever received during Isaac’s life – and believe us there has been a phenomenal amount – contacting Orana Early Intervention was the most relevant and significant.

We presented with a floppy little boy who was not coming close to meeting any of the standard milestones of childhood development.

The staff at Orana Early Intervention soon became an extension of our family and provided us with the knowledge and skills needed to work on specific goals. We were never overwhelmed with information and found the programs were easy to implement and achievable in our day-to-day life. Each small step and achievement was celebrated with complete pride and pure joy, not only by our family but also our Early Intervention family.

Their guidance and support was something that we had never previously experienced and over time our beautiful Isaac achieved the most momentous things.

Without the team at Orana Early Intervention our son would never have rolled, sat independently, taken his first steps, had purposeful hand movements, used sign language to communicate, started exploring tastes of food, had the assistive equipment needed and so much more.

The team at Orana Early Intervention were instrumental in educating and empowering other services such as pre-schools and schools therefore creating seamless transitions.

The most qualified team of Allied Health Professionals and Early Childhood Educators in our area were able to share years of experience to ensure that Isaac became the best version of him possible.

Forever grateful,

Michael, Anna, Samuel, Molly, Zoe and Isaac Minney